Gift of tongues—is that something we are all supposed to have? What it is? Gibberish? Another language? What about the Giver of the gift? 

Speaking in tongues is another biblical area where perplexity thrives. Some entities teach that unless you speak in their “version” of tongues, you do not have a baptism of the Holy Spirit. So what does the Bible have to say about this?

First, the gift. According to John 15 and 16, Jesus would send the Holy Spirit to help and comfort them. He would guide them into all truth. He would glorify Jesus. At Pentecost, in the upper room, the Holy Spirit roared in like a “rushing mighty wind.” 

Second, the true meaning. Jews from all over the world were visiting Jerusalem at the time. These Galilean fishermen spoke in the languages of the people, so they could understand the gospel message. Peter pointed out the prophesy in Joel 2:28–32, and how it was manifested in Christ’s life here on earth. This was a far cry from the babble purported by those who say that you have to have the gift of tongues to have the Holy Spirit. Third, the giver. Jesus Himself told the disciples that He would send the gift. Once enthroned in the courts of heaven, He gave His Gift.

We need not be fretful if we do not have the gift of languages. We can celebrate that we are connected with God, knowing that He has another plan for our lives.