Isaac Newton’s Forgotten Discovery – 100 Pack


Excerpt: “Isaac Newton, known for making many groundbreaking discoveries in science, mathematics, and astronomy, is in fact, “considered by many to be the greatest and most influential scientist who ever lived. (1)” A lesser known fact about Isaac Newton is his discoveries in the areas of religion, including his belief that the system of Roman Catholicism was the antichrist power.(2) Notable others held the same view such as King James himself,(3) Martin Luther (4) (Founder of the Lutheran church), John Calvin (5) (Prominent Theologian), John Wycliffe (6) (Oxford Professor), Thomas Cranmer (7) (Archbishop of Canterbury), John Knox (8), and most of the Protestant reformers.(9) Why would Newton and these intelligent men, some of them founders of churches, believe such unsavory things about an institution which runs orphanages, schools, hospitals, and has exemplary members like Mother Teresa? Simply put, they understood the book of Daniel, specifically chapter seven, in a way that many have forgotten.” Read the complete tract here.