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When Freedom Dies – 100 Pack


Excerpt: “On New York Harbor’s Liberty Island sits America’s grandest monument—the Statue of Liberty. Her message resounds in human hearts worldwide. Freedom. How precious! Yet sadly, one day freedom itself will be taken away by men, governments, and nations. Here’s how it will happen.” Read the complete tract here.


Where is God When I’m Hurting? – 100 Pack


Excerpt: “The Day begins. Any given day. A family of five starts out on a drive across town. The crash is sudden. Metal, plastic and flesh are torn apart. Three are dead and two are severely injured. But the drunk driver in the speeding truck that hit them is merely bruised. Why? A terrible dictator gets control of an entire nation, and millions suffer his abuses. Why?” Read complete tract here.


Steps to Health – 100 Pack


Excerpt: “Being healthy means more than just not being sick. Good health is life lived at your full potential-physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually. The Bible calls this the “abundant” life (see John 10:10), and it is exactly what God wants you to have. He says, “I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you” (3 John 2, NIV). To help you experience this abundant life, God has given some simple, easy-to-follow steps to better health.” Read the complete tract here.

The End of the World? – 100 Pack


Excerpt: “The times that we are living in are unlike any that we’ve seen before. Leaders of our country, businessmen, people who have positions of trust and authority, are all looking at the condition of our nation—and of the world—and wondering what’s going to happen next. Everyone’s watching the headlines. They’re looking at the unsettled conditions of society and foreign relations, and they watch as natural disasters destroy homes and cities from the poorest to the wealthy. They cringe as the news reports show the decay of morality. They see the intensity that accompanies everything we are seeing today, and they seem to understand that big things are about to happen—things that will change the course of history. People want to know: Are we coming to the end?” Read full tract here.

Pasos Para Su Salud – 100 Pack


Excerpt: “Ser saludable es más que simplemente estar sin enfermedades. La buena salud es vivir la vida a su máximo potencial-físicamente, mentalmente, socialmente, y espiritualmente. La Biblia llama esto la vida “abundante” (vea Juan 10:10), y es exactamente lo que Dios desea que tengas. Él dice, “oro para que te vaya bien en todos tus asuntos y goces de buena salud” (3 Juan 2, NVI). Para ayudar a experimentar esta vida abundante, Dios ha dado algunos pasos sencillo, fácil de seguir …” Read full tract here.

¿Hay Esperanza Después de la Muerte? – 100 Pack


Excerpt: “¿Qué pasa cuando una persona muere? ¿Hay vida más allá de la muerte? ¿Se puede evitar la muerte o existe alguna manera de escapar de ella? Todas estas preguntas se han hecho y se seguirán haciendo mientras sigamos viviendo en este mundo. Las Sagradas Escrituras tienen la respuesta a este enigma, pero desafortunadamente muchos han confundido sus enseñanzas y han dado una respuesta equivocada, afectados por ideas y filosofías que no están apoyadas…” Read full tract here.